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  • Litigation Support Litigation Support Litigation Support Learn more abourt our comprehensive portfolio of litigation support services
  • CPD for Solicitors  CPD for Solicitors CPD for Solicitors Find out more about our CPD courses and our strategic alliances with other litigation support professionals.
  • Criminal Cases Criminal Cases Criminal Cases Digital evidence in criminal cases may be the difference between prison and freedom. Find out how digital forensics are used in criminal cases.
  • Employment Tribunals Employment Tribunals Employment Tribunals We have considerable experience in Employment Tribunals and disciplinary hearings, working for both employees and employers.
  • Family Courts Family Courts Family Courts When children are caught in a dispute of their parents, this can have devastating results to any family. Using digital forensics can releveal the true nature of a parent's abuse or faul behaviour and can help make sure the child's safety and wellfare always looked after.
  • Crime Scene / Report Auditing Crime Scene / Report Auditing Crime Scene / Report Auditing Accepting a report by the police and/or an expert witness is always a mistake. Finding errors in such reports discredits them and helps building a stronger case.
  • Computer Forensics & Data Recovery Computer Forensics & Data Recovery Computer Forensics & Data Recovery Lost data can be devastating, but in most cases some (or all) of it may be salvaged. Deleted data is often what computer forensics investigates. Recovery, analysis, reconstruction and reporting.
  • Cell Site Analysis Cell Site Analysis Cell Site Analysis Find out how cell site analysis can be used to locate the whereabouts of a handset, and if it can be located at or near the locus of an alleged offence.
  • Mobile Phone Forensics Mobile Phone Forensics Mobile Phone Forensics Mobile phones, from the old legacy ones, to 3G and 4G smartphones are a vault of information about our activities. Recovery of data from mobile phones is used all the more often in court cases, both civil and criminal.
  • iPhone Forensics iPhone Forensics iPhone Forensics Maybe the most popular smartphone so far. It is a challenge to investigators but also a black box full of valuable data, that can be used in any kind of court case.
  • BlackBerry Forensics BlackBerry Forensics BlackBerry Forensics Forensic examination of BlackBerry devices. Recovery of existing and deleted data, analysis and full court report. Click here to visit our dedicated BlackBerry Forensics website
  • NOKIA Forensics NOKIA Forensics NOKIA Forensics Click on the image to visit our dedicated Nokia Forensics Website.
  • SatNav Forensics SatNav Forensics SatNav Forensics Find out where a car (or a handset) has been, when and how it got there. Recovery of detailed SatNav records.
  • Tablet Forensics Tablet Forensics Tablet Forensics With ever increasing sales, more and more people access the internet using tablets. These devices may now carry more evidence of online activity, documents, photos and videos than our home computer.
  • Identity Theft Identity Theft Identity Theft Phishing, Pharming, Nigeria Scams; are some of the names of cyber fraud activities. Strathclyde Forensics can help you protect yourself, your family and your business, as well as help you establish how your personal data was stolen.
  • Password Recovery Password Recovery Password Recovery Lost passwords are a huge problem especially when they were used to protect important private and business information. Find out which passwords may be recovered by us.


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Strathclyde Forensics becomes an exclusive dealer for Belkasoft for Scotland, Greece & Cyprus.

Belkasoft & Strathclyde Forensics sign an agreement to distribute Belkasoft Forensic software.Our operational area covers Scotland, Greece and Cyprus.Click here for the full story

Strathclyde Forensics becomes a dealer for Elcomsoft password recovery software.

Strathclyde Forensics becomes a dealer for Elcomsoft password recovery software and adopts Elcomsoft technology in our arsenal.Click here for the full story

Strathclyde Forensics becomes a dealer for Elcomsoft password recovery software.

Strathclyde Forensics helps winning the Artur Boruc case, last public apology of News of the WorldClick here for the full story

Strathclyde Forensics
is a private consultancy that provides bespoke services in computer and mobile phone forensics, data  recovery,  data destruction, and CPD for solicitors. Strathclyde Forensics provides
end-to-end digital forensics solutions to  legal professionals, businesses and individual clients. Based in Glasgow we cover all of Scotland, the rest of the UK and EMEA countries.
Our expertise is in computer forensics, mobile forensic investigation, cell site analysis and electronic crime. Unlike other forensic investigators, we try to expand the scope of our digital investigations to more than computers and mobile devices. Our portfolio is always  expanding to deal with new digital devices and client requirements. We hand pick our associates, in order to cover the range of this  portfolio of services and we invest constantly in CPD programmes.
As part of our services, and in response to a demand by our clients, we offer CPD training for solicitors in Scotland, in the areas  of
digital evidence, computer forensics in litigation support, Social Media for Solicitors and forensic accounting.
for Solicitors

  Litigation Support
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  Employment Tribunals
  Family Courts
  Financial disputes & fraud
  Auditing of Police Reports
  Auditing of other experts' reports
  Solicitor's CPD in Scotland
  Support Contracts for Solicitors

 Legal Aid Cases

Click here to learn more about Legal AidWe are happy to accept Scottish Legal Aid (SLAB) cases.
If your client is receiving funding from SLAB we shall provide with the appropriate
 quotation, and discuss the relevant payment terms with you.

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  Tablet Forensics

 Click here to read more about our agreement with Belkasoft

 Strathclyde Forensics becomes
 Belkasoft's exclusive distributor for
 Greece and Cyprus, as well as is only
 distributor based in Scotland.
 is the versatile and affordable Russian
 response to digital  forensic suites.

Click here to learn more about our cooperation with Elcomosoft

 Strathclyde Forensics becomes a
 distributor of Elcomsoft's password
 recovery tools.

 Elcomsoft is one of the most
 experienced password recovery and
 vulnerability finders in the world.

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Digital Forensics Studies
in Scotland

MSc Computer Forensics & E-Discovery (University of Glasgow)

 Strathclyde Forensics,
for two years
 in a row has extensively assessed the
 curriculum and syllabus of the MSc
 Computer Forensics & E-Discovery

 offered by the University of Glasgow and
 has found it to be of the highest
 standards, flexible, adaptable, with a
 state-of-the-art lab (software &



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